Introduction to the Clairessence System


How exciting to have you here, on the verge of entering the depth of energetics. This is an introduction to the Clairessence system, giving you a brief description of what will be taught in this course, about energetics and the energetic field, and about the teacher and author Manex Ibar.

We can't wait to begin!

This course will unlock aspects of your mind that you may not even know exist. But be patient, practice makes perfect.

This is a vessel, a form that offers us a way to come into relation with the energy of ourselves, the Earth, the Cosmos, and others. In a way, this is a form without structure. There are no rules- simply creativity, playfulness, and practice.

Based on medical and scientific research conducted over the last 35 years, this simple yet highly effective system of guided visualizations is an incredible toolkit for self-evaluation and personal energetic hygiene. It is a must for therapists, energy healers, and all conscious individuals to retain energetic integrity and cleanliness.

The ability to evolve through this work is limitless – your imagination and dedication sets the stage and assists you in creating a space for growth and learning. Open the gateway and allow yourself to co-create images, impressions, feelings, and sensations that are helpful to learning and applying the system in your life. As you imagine, you create.

This system works most effectively from a space of neutrality when the intent is forgiveness, acceptance, playfulness, amusement, interest, and exploration. Trust, creativity, and humor are key elements that bring this system to fruition. 

Are you ready to master your energetics and unlock access to your Clairessence?

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